Things to Consider When Designing Your Wedding Dress

Do you want a fabulous wedding dress that is head turning and uniquely yours? Why not try to design your own? You’ll be unique and it will cost you less.

I know designing your wedding dress is within your capabilities. If others can do it, then you can as well. All you have to do is consider the following:

Decide what type of wedding you want.

Do you want a church wedding which is formal, civil wedding which is lesser formal but can be as serious and extravagant as the church wedding or the non-traditional such as beach and garden wedding that can be as romantic and extravagant as well but will give you freedom to be creative?

Know your body shape.

Try to stand naked in front of a full-length mirror. Reality may hurt sometimes but hey, it can’t be that bad. Then know the style of dress that will compliment your body shape and your best features.

•Apple (triangle downward) – wider waist and smaller shoulders.
•Pear (inverted triangle) – upper body is wider than the lower body.
•Banana (rectangular) – straight up and down types.
•Hour Glass – waist is slimmer than the upper and lower body.

Choose fabric that will reflect your indivuality.

•Satin – smooth, with glossy surface and dull back…as soft as rayon or silk; embody elegance.
•Silk – soft, smooth; embody luxury and elegance.
•Taffeta – crisp and smooth woven fabric; bright and elegant.
•Organza – light and can be easily paired with other fabrics; gives soft, romantic look.
•Georgette – sheen, soft, flows well; emdody seductiveness.
•Charmeuse – made from silk with satin finish, light-weight, free-flowing drape, extremely popular; embody luxury and sophistication.

That’s it! You can start designing your wedding dress now and imagine that you are wearing it on the day you are dreaming of…your wedding day.

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I Design My Gowns

Have you tried designing your own dress? I did and it was really fun. I was the one who designed my own wedding gown. It was a simple sleeveless gown with pearl details at the neckline and hand-worked rosettes at the back and skirt edge.

wedding sponsor gown

Last Ocotber I was asked to be a wedding sponsor. I browsed the net for a style that will hide my bulges perfectly but I didn’t see one that suits my taste so again I designed my dress. It’s an A-line base long dress with spaghetti straps and overlapped draped skirt.

wedding sponsor gown

I asked “Manong James”, my dressmaker, to just follow every detail of my sketch and he did just great but I changed my mind the last minute…instead of the V-shaped organza cloak, I just used a red chiffon cloth as shawl.

The draped skirt hid my tummy bulges and the picot edge details at the overlap creates a graceful vertical line. It perfectly matched my gold slip on.