How To Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

work-life balancePhoto by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

Focus on achieving better work-life balance, and it’s likely you’ll not only enjoy your job more but that your home life will run a lot more seamlessly too. While it may be difficult to do so, know that it’s possible if you’re willing to put this goal at the top of your to-do list.

You’ll thank yourself down the road when your business is not only booming, but that you’re also happier and healthier. You’ll get to see your family more this way and won’t be as stressed out in the office because you’ll have more balance weaved into your days.

Follow A Schedule & Routine

Achieve better work-life balance when you’re adamant about following a schedule and routine consistently. For example, wake up and go to bed around the same time each day and make sure you pick a time you’re going to leave the office every evening. This way there won’t be any opportunity to veer off or say you’re going to stay just a few minutes longer. You’ll have other commitments to get to like hitting the gym or picking up your kids after work. Use a calendar to help you keep track of what you’re doing when so you can avoid overbooking yourself.

Hire Help & Delegate Responsibilities

Even if you’re the boss or owner of your company that doesn’t mean you have to do all the work yourself. It’s in your best interest to learn how to delegate responsibilities and hire help or outsource certain tasks that you don’t have time for or know how to do. For example, if you own a vape company then consider taking the time to discover more about who can help you with your SEO efforts so you can grow your business and make more time for personal matters all at the same time. You’ll be a lot happier and more successful when you can identify what projects are worth your time and what’s best left for someone else to manage.

Set Boundaries & Separate Your Home & Work Life

You’ll be more likely to achieve better work-life balance when you’re good about setting boundaries in the office and at home. It’s all about being able to separate your work and home life and not mixing the two even though it’ll be tempting to want to do so. For instance, when you’re at home playing with your kids then turn off your email notifications and put away your phone. Also, when you’re at the office eliminate distractions and commit to finishing what you’re working on before you engage in other activities or conversations. If you want to work from home then set up a home office and only use it to complete work tasks.

Make it A Priority

The only way you’re going to be able to achieve true work-life balance is if you make this goal a priority each and every day. If you’re lax about it and only put forth a little effort some of the time then you’re likely to lose your way and not find more consistency in your days. Commit to following through with your new habits each morning when you get up and track your progress along the way for better results. It has to be top of mind every single day or else you’re likely to get busy and let this objective slip off your radar.

Take Breaks & Use Your Vacation Days

Taking breaks will not only help you achieve better work-life balance, but you’ll also be more productive overall. Get in the habit of taking the time to eat, go for a short walk and get water while you’re in the office. Also, make it a point to use your vacation days each year and remove yourself from the chaos of the workplace once in a while. This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your family and relieve any stress you’ve been experiencing. Keep in mind that you can also always take a mental health day now and again if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to regroup.

Only Commit to what You Have Time for

What will help you out the most as you try to achieve better work-life balance is to only commit to what you have time for in your schedule. Be honest with yourself and don’t take on more clients or say yes to certain projects if you truly don’t have the capacity to accept this extra work. Avoid trying to do it all and instead focus on completing a few important initiatives that are most important to your business at the time. It’s all about recognizing your limitations and being okay with saying no to people when it’s appropriate. Practice taking better control of your time and soon it won’t seem like such a challenging roadblock to overcome.

Use Your Lunch Hour Wisely

You can achieve greater work-life balance by simply being wiser about how you’re using your lunch hour. This is the perfect chance to hit the gym, get outside or run a few errands so you can go right home after work. Sitting at your desk staring at the screen will likely only make you feel more exhausted and less refreshed to tackle your afternoon responsibilities. Bring a healthy lunch to eat so you can work on taking better care of yourself and also don’t be afraid to use this time to sit in silence and indulge in a little self-reflection. Set a good example for your employees by getting out of your office during lunch and showing them the importance of work-life balance.


Take advantage of these suggestions for how you can start achieving more work-life balance now and feel less exhausted overall. Accept the challenge and then watch how quickly your life begins to take a turn for the better. While you’re likely to have a few setbacks or make mistakes along the way, you have to be able to pick yourself back up and start again.