The Wonders of Cosmetics

You can still be beautiful without makeup on but by adding color to your face, you can enhance that natural beauty of yours. Thanks to the Egyptians who discovered the wonders of cosmetics in 10,000 BC.

Over the years, the purpose of makeup hasn’t really changed. It can take years off your appearance or can make you look matured…depends on how you’ll apply them.

Meet my cousin Jhanna…a sweet young lady. She’s pretty, is she not?

But with the right makeup on, she looks more beautiful.

When applying makeup, remember that you are enhancing your beauty and not covering up your face so don’t apply too much foundation and concealers. It is also best to use foundation that is exactly your skin tone. Draw away attention to negatives such as long neck, big ears, etc. by accentuating your beautiful assets.

If you want to see more of Jhanna’s photos, you can check her album HERE.

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