7 Ways to Relieve Chronic Pain Naturally

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It is thought that one in every ten Americans suffers from some type of chronic pain. Along with that, many people who suffer from long-term pain, rely on traditional painkillers to help them cope with day-to-day life. Although these painkillers are good at masking the pain, they can offer some unpleasant side effects that can be worse than the pain itself. There is also evidence to suggest that rather than try to mask the pain you are feeling, you should try to deal with the cause. That is why many people are now turning to more natural ways to deal with their chronic pain.

Change Your Diet

For many people, their pain is caused or made worse by inflammation. That means by trying to move to a diet that is high in anti-inflammatory foods; you should start to see an improvement in the amount of pain and inflammation you have. The key is to try and eat a healthier diet that has a variety of fruits and vegetables that will remove toxins from the body and naturally reduce inflammation. For example, one diet called the Pan Asian Modified Mediterranean Diet or (PAMM) is thought to be highly effective at reducing inflammation. It is a diet that is high in fiber, olive oil, and omega-3, all of which have a positive effect on the body.


Many people have used acupuncture to great effect for all types of problems from smoking to pain relief. Although you might not like the idea of people sticking needles in your skin, the procedure is relatively pain-free, and the overwhelming results suggest that it also has a positive effect. Acupuncture is thought to help the flow of energy throughout the body so that it can be distributed evenly. When this energy gets blocked, it is thought that there are subsequent issues with this part of the body including pain. Even if you are skeptical about the effects that acupuncture can have, it is worth trying to see if you can get some relief from it.


Although you might think of massage as something to help you relax, it can have many other benefits as well. For example, when you are having pain from a trapped nerve or a muscle in spasm, then massage can help to relieve this tension and improve the movement of the area. It is also known to help improve blood flow so that more healing can take place at the affected area. Again, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give massage a try to see if it can help you in any way. Even if it only makes you feel relaxed, this can be a great way to put your mind off the stress of the pain for a while.

Natural Pain Remedies

If you find that traditional pain medication is causing you to have unwelcome side-effects, then you should be thinking about using alternative natural remedies. There have been studies on many natural remedies in the past, and they have mostly been found to have some benefit to pain and inflammation. For example, CBD oil that is naturally derived from cannabis has been the focus of many studies. You can learn more about the pain killing effects of CBD oil online. Other remedies include honey, Willow Bark, and Turmeric, and there are no known side-effects to using them. It is important to note, however, that you should speak to your doctor before taking any natural remedies, as some can cause an interaction with traditional medicines.


You might think that exercise is the last thing you should be doing with pain, but there is strong evidence to suggest that it helps. If you can get moving for at least 15-20 minutes per day, it is thought that this can improve your pain and make the affected area stronger. If you do start to feel the benefit from the exercise, you should remember to try and not overdo it. Although it will be helping you, if you try to do too much it can cause you further problems. The type of exercise you do depends on what you are capable of doing in the beginning. However, you should be trying to use the part of your body that has pain like the knee or shoulder.


Apart from other forms of exercise like running or exercise classes, there is another form that can have profound effects on pain – yoga. There has been a lot of evidence that suggests yoga can not only make you fitter and stronger but that it can also help to relieve pain by strengthening the muscles around a joint or easing tension in muscles. Another benefit of yoga is that there are many levels from beginner to experienced that you can try so you aren’t overdoing it from the beginning. The poses are designed to provide strength and suppleness while not being too hard on the body.


There is a technique called Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or MBSR as it is otherwise known, that can help you to release your stress energy and help you reduce your pain. It is a meditation like practice that is meant to try and connect the body and mind by helping you to focus your thoughts on your surroundings. You are encouraged to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and what’s around you, so you can prevent building up stress energy that can occur when you are running on automatic. It can also help you to take your mind off your pain and focus it on other things around you. It can be especially useful for those suffering chronic pain, as they often tend to focus on the pain as it is so severe.

These are a few of the techniques that you can use to help you work with chronic pain and hopefully overcome its effects. It is worth trying these ideas to see if any of them can give you a short or long-term break from your chronic pain.

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