Writing about a Healthy Lifestyle: 6 Sources to Take Reliable Information From

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Writing about how to live a healthy lifestyle, whether it be through mindfulness, exercise, or dieting is a common essay topic in medical classes. The topic may also occasionally be an assignment in science classes. Both of these facts are true whether students are in high school or in college.

Teachers and professors alike except the best from their students. Most teachers are strictly against using Wikipedia and other similar websites to do research since the content can be edited by just about anyone. Instead, professors and teachers will want students to use reliable resources to get information from.

Below are some great reliable resources, including website, journals, and books, that students can use to get information to get healthy lifestyle information.

1. WebMD

WebMD is one of the most popular websites for health. Often when searching for anything health-related, a WebMD article is on the first page of search results. This is because WebMD seems to have an article on just about everything.

Their articles are structured in such a way that students can get loads of vital information from just one article. Their articles cover causes, symptoms, and treatments of many ailments. Students can read all of the articles on the site for free.

2. Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is both the name of a website and physical buildings owned by the same company where patients can go for treatment. Like WebMD, the Mayo Clinic website also has a variety of health-related articles that can easily be found by searching on Google or in the website’s search bar.

The Mayo Clinic does have a few features that help to set it apart from other medical websites. One of the unique features is that students can view clinical trials done by the Mayo Clinic. From here, students can find studies based, not only at the Mayo Clinic but at other institutions as well: the National Cancer Institute and more.

3. Cleveland Clinic

Like the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic is another website that also has a physical hospital attached to it. On this website, students can search by topics based on the letter or by using the search bar at the top of each page.

One great feature that the Cleveland clinic has is a live web chat. With this service, anyone can talk to a healthcare professional about just about any topic. First, a student will need to make an appointment to schedule a time from there. From there, a real doctor can talk to students about wellness tips. This is a great reference to use if an assignment requires a primary source, like an interview.

4. Journal of Nutrition

The Journal of Nutrition (JN) is a peer-reviewed medical journal that students can access online for free. This journal is highly accredited and has been published since 1928. The journal is currently published by the American Society of Nutrition. Over 1,000 authors contribute to this journal; many of these authors work in different medical fields, so the journal coveries a variety of subjects.

Some of the most popular articles on the website (which are also included in the physical journal) include articles on diets, molecular nutrition, and even nutrition in animals. This journal is a great resource for students who are writing about dieting or nutrition and how they factor into having a healthy lifestyle.

5. Journal of Medical Internet Research

One online journal that keeps up to date with current events is the Journal of Medical Internet Research. This journal is fairly new, beginning publications about twenty years ago. Their website says they are “The leading peer-reviewed journal for digital medicine and health & healthcare in the Internet age.”

Like the Journal of Nutrition, all of the articles on the journal’s website are free for anyone to read. The list of authors and the abstract for the articles are also listed with each article. Some topics this website journal covers include how social media affects health, the effects of vaping, and more.

6. Gray’s Anatomy

Gray’s Anatomy is an anatomy textbook, not to be confused with the television drama Grey’s Anatomy, which may be entertaining, but it not a reliable sources for healthy lifestyle information. Some versions of this textbook can be found online for free, but many of those versions are extremely old. Instead, students will do well to rent a more recent edition of the book, so they are not looking up outdated information.

These books contain information on the anatomy and physiology of the body. Disease and other afflictions of the body, and suggestions of what to do about them are also included in the book. This is a great reference material for students learning about the body, whether they are in high school or college.

We hope that these resources can be useful for students. To find more medical-based journals, check out FreeMedicalJournals.com, which is exactly what it sounds like. When using medical websites to learn about healthy lifestyles, or anything else, make sure that the websites look professional. Check to see what the credentials are of the person who wrote the article. Are they a doctor or just a blogger? Books published by colleges or research institutions are always safe to use. So, give one of these resources a try the next time you need to write your paper on healthy lifestyles or anything else involving medicine, diet, or ailments.

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