Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

It’s well known that smoking is pretty easy to take up and that giving up is incredibly difficult to do. However, if you’re a smoker who wants to give up, maybe you should know that abstaining from this unhealthy habit could benefit your health in the long run.

With the help of ecigarette, you could quit, but it’s worth using the following benefits of quitting as an incentive to stop smoking for good:

Improving your breathing

One of the biggest health problems associated with smoking is breathing problems. Diseases such as asthma can occur as the result of a build-up of tar in your lungs which can be hard to get rid of. However, stopping smoking can limit any further damage, and it could even be reversed with medical treatment such as inhalers.

Improvements to your appearance

Another affect smoking can have on your health is premature aging – smokers are known to age more quickly than non-smokers. You can stop more wrinkles from appearing on your face if you quit, and your teeth are less likely to get stained. Also, you won’t have that bad breath that makes smokers repellent to some people

Longer life span

Smokers are less likely to live as long as non-smokers. By quitting now, you’ll add years to your life before the health damage caused by smoking become irreversible.

Saving money

As well as being costly to your health, smoking can be pretty expensive to take up, especially in some countries where they charge more tax on cigarettes as a means of making more money and deterring people from doing it. Quitting could save you hundreds or even thousands every year, and if that’s not an incentive to give up, then what is?

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11 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

  1. According to the NYC Undersecretary, statistics show that the average initiation age of Filipino smokers is 15 years old. What do you think can we do as a country to dissuade teenagers from smoking?

  2. I hope every smoker realizes all these benefits. It’s sad when people get blinded by the temporary comfort smoking gives them.

  3. Smokers do know all the risks yet persist in their infernal habit! They keep saying it is so difficult to quit. However, once told they have cancer, they can quit cold-turkey JUST LIKE THAT! (Unfortunately it is too late.)

  4. You’re right about the implications of smoking. Darn, I hate all my relatives who smoke esp. if they are at my house.

  5. E-cigarettes are also a good way to help quitsmoking. Someone close to me has successfully quit thanks to e cigarettes. More than anything the willpower should be there.

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