4 Things You Didn’t Know About Crystals

For centuries, crystals have taken pride of place in many people’s lives. Enjoyed for their beauty and healing benefits, crystals are one accessory that has never gone out of fashion. However, when it comes to crystals you will usually find people grouped into one of two categories: believers and sceptics. And for those that lean more towards scepticism, it’s usually because they don’t know enough about them. So to help bring you up to speed on why crystals are so popular, below are four interesting facts about these precious stones that you may not have known before.

1. Colour is Key

colored crystals
The biggest factor that determines a crystal’s key purpose is its colour. The colour of a crystal represents what sort of stone it is and what purposes it can be used for. Specialised businesses such as Feel Crystals are able to lead you through what each crystal and its colour represents, as well as what benefits it might have for you physically, emotionally and spiritually. For example, stones that are green or pink are ideal for emotional healing. These include rose quartz or green aventurine.

2. Cleansing

Using crystals, particularly for healing purposes is not as simple as buying the one you like then carrying it around in your pocket. The belief behind the power of crystals is to do with their ability to connect with the energy of your body, which is why they must be cleansed before use. Crystals that have been sitting in a store will absorb all the emotional or spiritual energy around them, which will have no benefit for you. Cleansing of crystals can be done a variety of ways including cleansing in moonlight or sunlight, burying or even placing them in water. Burning sage is also believed to be a possible cleansing technique.

3. Pick the ‘Right’ One

It is believed that crystals can only work correctly if you have selected the right one for you and your body’s energy. The best way to do this is to look at an array of crystals and pick the one that really grabs you, or the one you feel particularly drawn to. Some people are even able to feel the energy ‘pulses’ of a crystal – which is a sign you have picked the right one. Sometimes its energy can feel hot or cold on your skin, or it can even feel like a small electric shock.

4. They are Living Organisms

This is a fun fact that many people are probably not aware of – crystals aren’t just pretty rocks.

Part of the mineral kingdom, these beautiful natural elements are most certainly alive, which is why you will often see them growing in clusters. Because of this, they have a ‘life energy’ which is why they are believed to have a variety of healing benefits by matching up this energy with the energy points or ‘chakras’ on your own body.

There is a reason the use of crystals dates back thousands of years, and it wasn’t just to ward off negative energy or evil spirits. Crystals have long been believed to offer emotional and physical healing properties – and their popularity is a clear sign they must be doing something right.

Do you own any crystals? What do they mean to you? Share your experiences below.

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Make Your Stockings Last Longer

Stockings are one of those things that are not  meant to last. Either elastic fiber will gradually break down with wear, or worse, it will rip or run easily. However, you can prolong its life a few more days for a few more wears. I used stockings for years so below are proven tips to make your stockings last a little longer.

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  • Wet your new stockings. Place it inside a zip lock or a freezer bag then freeze it. Freezing strenghtens the fibers. But of course you need to thaw it naturally before using it.
  •  Do not bleach your stockings as it might be damaged by the bleach’s chemicals. Wash it by hand gently with warm water and soap. Lay it flat on a towel or hang it and let it air dry.
  •  Store your stockings away from buttons, hooks and wires. These may rip your stockings.
  •  If you have long fingernails, be extra careful when wearing your stockings.
  • Keep your toe nails short.
  •  Pat a colorless nail polish on an existing run then let it dry to keep the run from getting worse.

Dinner Attire: Transitioning from Day to Night

Going out for dinner is considered as a special event or occasion and many women find themselves in a dilemma over what to wear for dinner. The decision would come by easy if you know you’re going to a fancy restaurant or to the International House of Pancakes afterwards where you don’t really need to wear a gown for your early morning omelette. Nor will you need some dress jewelry for a seafood fest dinner. For most dinner dates, you only need to spruce up a tad and transition from your day or work wear for a relaxed and charming night out.

dinner attire
Change your daytime studs and choose something that
swings, sparkle and move as you turn your head.

Cozy up with accessories to spice up your dinner attire. There are three simple ways to do this – change your shoes, handbag and earrings. From your work wear, you can add a bit of height or simply change out of something that’s you can wear for a game of volleyball. Swap your big office bag to something smaller like a purse or a fancy handbag. For your earrings, change your daytime studs and choose something that swings, sparkle and move as you turn your head. This will also have some heads turning as you walk into the restaurant.

Add a jacket to sizzle up your dinner attire up a notch. With a cropped jacket, you will instantly look more chic, stylish and put together. Of course, throwing on a windbreaker or a hoddie doesn’t work this way. You may be wearing a simple plain shirt underneath, but with a trendy blazer over it, you can look very chic, urban and fashionable. Other than a jacket, you can also go for a pea coat, a nice denim jacket or a military styled jacket.

To complete your dinner attire, touch up your makeup with slightly darker shades of lipstick and eye shadow. You may also play it up with some shine and sheen by dusting on some bronzer and gold eye shadow and a little lip gloss over your lip color. Playing up your work wear and your daytime look by adding little details such as a nice jacket and some accessories can instantly make you look dinner-worthy!

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The Top 10 Tips for Dressing for Success

dressing upWhen you are out in the professional world, it is wise to dress the part. What are the tips you can follow to make sure you are always dressed for success?

Clothes that Fit

If you select clothes that do not fit, you could look too frumpy or you might look inappropriate for the work setting. Go to the store and try your clothes on as opposed to purchasing them online.

Know The Style

You absolutely want to have an idea of what the appropriate style is in the workplace. For example, if everyone wears business-formal attire and you arrive in casual clothes, it’s going to be a problem.

Dress Up for the Interview

When you are going on an interview, even if it is in a creative field, it is better to dress up. A full business suit for both men and women is generally expected.

Don’t Forget Those Stockings

If you are a woman who is wearing a skirt or a dress to an interview or professional job, you absolutely should be wearing stockings. Bare legs are generally not considered professional.

Cover Up

It’s very important to make sure that undergarments are not showing through or peeking out of your clothing. Even if you have a t-shirt on under a white button-down, no one else should be able to see the design on the t-shirt; it is just not professional.

Appropriate Shoes

Some people will wear a full business suit, but they will just throw on a pair of flip flops or something of that nature. Your shoes need to meet the formality of the establishment too, so you need to select shoes that fit in with that style.

Comfortable Shoes

On top of selecting appropriate shoes, they also need to be comfortable. If you walk into the interview and you are toppling over in your high heels, then it is not going to make a good impression on the people who are interviewing you.

Hair and Makeup

You should not look like you are going to a club when you go to work or on an interview. However, hair and makeup should be neat. You should not be showing up with your hair all in a wet mess or with mascara dripping down your face.

Tuck Your Shirt In

If and when you are hired, you might notice that no one really keeps their shirt tucked in at work. Maybe you can make the switch then; however, for now, go for the more formal style.


It is fine to wear a nice pair of stud earrings and a bracelet to the interview, but do not overdo it. Let your accessories act as accents to your outfit as opposed to taking over.

Dressing appropriately is an important part of being successful – follow these tips and you’ll fit in at any office in Brisbane, New York, London or Hong Kong.

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Dressing and Looking Appropriately According To Age

looking appropriatelyBeautifying oneself is not an easy task as it requires a lot of effort and perseverance. The whole package of being one isn’t just about looking good but feeling good and acting good as well. Sometimes real beauty is being quantified on how a person handles beauty etiquette.

Beauty etiquette is the process of knowing how look appropriately in various occasions. A beautiful face can be an advantage but if it is going to be partnered with inappropriate outfit plus an inappropriate makeup, then it would be useless.

Age is one of the determinants on how to look appropriately and it would include the choices of clothes, the shade of your makeup as well as the tint of your lip color.

20’s – this is the time of your life wherein you’re about to enter adulthood yet you’re still keeping the teenage aura. Get rid of too colorful accessories and avoid keeping up with the trend as it doesn’t suit everyone else. Start wearing your makeup in bold colors and try to experiment with silhouettes and hemlines

30’s – at this age you need to display a little bit of your authoritative side and keep your haircut in light layers. Bangs can also be used to hide your first line of wrinkles. Your makeup should be kept fresh by having rosy cheeks and some lip gloss.

40’s – this is the right time to add color to your hair as the gray ones are starting to appear. Thinning of lashes is very common so thickening your mascara can be of great help.

50’s and above – at this point, you can’t hide some of those fine lines but it doesn’t mean that you can no longer look fresh. You should avoid using too much foundation and keep your lip color on the lighter side. Dark colored lips can only emphasize the fine lines around the mouth. At this age, your hair needs conditioning more often to avoid split ends and brittleness.

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