Things to Consider When Designing Your Wedding Dress

Do you want a fabulous wedding dress that is head turning and uniquely yours? Why not try to design your own? You’ll be unique and it will cost you less.

I know designing your wedding dress is within your capabilities. If others can do it, then you can as well. All you have to do is consider the following:

Decide what type of wedding you want.

Do you want a church wedding which is formal, civil wedding which is lesser formal but can be as serious and extravagant as the church wedding or the non-traditional such as beach and garden wedding that can be as romantic and extravagant as well but will give you freedom to be creative?

Know your body shape.

Try to stand naked in front of a full-length mirror. Reality may hurt sometimes but hey, it can’t be that bad. Then know the style of dress that will compliment your body shape and your best features.

•Apple (triangle downward) – wider waist and smaller shoulders.
•Pear (inverted triangle) – upper body is wider than the lower body.
•Banana (rectangular) – straight up and down types.
•Hour Glass – waist is slimmer than the upper and lower body.

Choose fabric that will reflect your indivuality.

•Satin – smooth, with glossy surface and dull back…as soft as rayon or silk; embody elegance.
•Silk – soft, smooth; embody luxury and elegance.
•Taffeta – crisp and smooth woven fabric; bright and elegant.
•Organza – light and can be easily paired with other fabrics; gives soft, romantic look.
•Georgette – sheen, soft, flows well; emdody seductiveness.
•Charmeuse – made from silk with satin finish, light-weight, free-flowing drape, extremely popular; embody luxury and sophistication.

That’s it! You can start designing your wedding dress now and imagine that you are wearing it on the day you are dreaming of…your wedding day.

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Hottest Swimwear Trends for 2014

If you are a stickler for fashion then you’d be happy to know that fashion runway trends are spilling over in the latest swimwear designs. Your swimsuit will definitely be nothing but plain when you have options that range from edgy and daring to dainty and frilly. Here is a quick look at some of the hottest swimwear trends for 2014.

Cut-outs. This sexy trend in the runways of spring 2013 is one of the popular options for this year’s swimwear fashion. Monokinis in different cuts and prints that flatter the body is available in both retail and designer racks. There are cut-away designs that reveal just enough skin to tease the imagination and there are also daring and edgy cuts that are sure to be head turners.

Fringe and Frills. These accents add a feminine touch in swimsuits without necessarily going for floral or dainty hues. MAIO and LSpace Swimwear have a couple of one piece and two piece suits that are able to incorporate fringes or frills with style.

fringe and frillsRaisins Beach Day Solids Bali Fringe Bandeau Bikini Top

 Overlay and Bikini Pairings. Top designers Michael Kors and Bottega Veneta went for the combination of overlays and bikini bottoms in their 2014 Resort Collection. Fitted overlays with crocheted, cropped, or textured paired with a sexy bottom make for one stylish outfit for strutting around the beach.

Overlay And Bikini Pairings by zairia-miller on Polyvore

Bold and Bright Prints. Those who want more of the trendy prints from the Spring 2013 fashion can wear them on their swimsuit this season. You can have fun in choosing a variety of suits that feature florals, geometric, tribal or ethnic, and animal prints in bright and bold patterns.

Texture. There are also designers who opted for textured pieces that make use of lace, crochet, mesh or see through materials. One can find a couple of these stylish pieces with detailed handiwork from Meriell and SABZ Swimwear.

With a lot of cool designs to choose from swimwear trends for 2014, there is no room for a drab and boring outfit in the beach. Finding a swimsuit that will make you look and feel good is just a matter of knowing your body type and swimsuit cut that best flatters your body.

Make Your Stockings Last Longer

Stockings are one of those things that are not  meant to last. Either elastic fiber will gradually break down with wear, or worse, it will rip or run easily. However, you can prolong its life a few more days for a few more wears. I used stockings for years so below are proven tips to make your stockings last a little longer.

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  • Wet your new stockings. Place it inside a zip lock or a freezer bag then freeze it. Freezing strenghtens the fibers. But of course you need to thaw it naturally before using it.
  •  Do not bleach your stockings as it might be damaged by the bleach’s chemicals. Wash it by hand gently with warm water and soap. Lay it flat on a towel or hang it and let it air dry.
  •  Store your stockings away from buttons, hooks and wires. These may rip your stockings.
  •  If you have long fingernails, be extra careful when wearing your stockings.
  • Keep your toe nails short.
  •  Pat a colorless nail polish on an existing run then let it dry to keep the run from getting worse.

Different Glasses for Different Face Shapes

Wearing glasses by far is the most popular way to correct refraction problems, but people who find wearing glasses difficult and disorienting opt to have Lasik surgery from a well-known and trusted laser eye surgery centre, such as Optical Express. Lasik surgery is quick, painless and corrects the vision nearly instantaneously. However, many people are still not aware of the advantages of Lasik surgery that’s why wearing glasses remains popular.

Glasses can be regarded as topmost personal accessory. Now that many companies introduce stylish and innovative glasses, it becomes a fashion statement. When looking for glasses, people consider not just the style but also the design that will complement their face shape.

How to get the face shape? If you do not know your face shape, pull your hair back then outline your face with a soft eyebrow pencil or lip liner.  What shape do you see; oval, heart, round, square or oblong? What do you think is the design and style of glasses that will look good on you?

Below are the different glasses for different face shapes that can serve as guide when looking for perfect glasses.

face shapes

A person with oval-shaped face is lucky as oval shape is considered ideal. Because of its almost perfect alignment, just about any style of eyeglasses will be flattering.

Heart (wide forehead and narrow chin)
Aviators and dark framed is not recommended as it will enhance the width of the forehead.  Softly curved wraparounds with twisted side detail would be perfect because it won’t draw attention to the forehead.

Dark-colored rectangular styles with straight or angular lines will contrast the round-shaped face by making the face look slim. Avoid round frames with designs and/or embellishments because it will make the face look wider.

Square (wide forehead and jaw lines with strong angles)
Round frames, circular lenses, narrow oval or frames with more width than depth will soften the face’s angularity.

Oblong (long face with long lines along the cheek)
Wider square frame is a good counterpoint to oblong-shaped face. This will make the face appear shorter.

Dinner Attire: Transitioning from Day to Night

Going out for dinner is considered as a special event or occasion and many women find themselves in a dilemma over what to wear for dinner. The decision would come by easy if you know you’re going to a fancy restaurant or to the International House of Pancakes afterwards where you don’t really need to wear a gown for your early morning omelette. Nor will you need some dress jewelry for a seafood fest dinner. For most dinner dates, you only need to spruce up a tad and transition from your day or work wear for a relaxed and charming night out.

dinner attire
Change your daytime studs and choose something that
swings, sparkle and move as you turn your head.

Cozy up with accessories to spice up your dinner attire. There are three simple ways to do this – change your shoes, handbag and earrings. From your work wear, you can add a bit of height or simply change out of something that’s you can wear for a game of volleyball. Swap your big office bag to something smaller like a purse or a fancy handbag. For your earrings, change your daytime studs and choose something that swings, sparkle and move as you turn your head. This will also have some heads turning as you walk into the restaurant.

Add a jacket to sizzle up your dinner attire up a notch. With a cropped jacket, you will instantly look more chic, stylish and put together. Of course, throwing on a windbreaker or a hoddie doesn’t work this way. You may be wearing a simple plain shirt underneath, but with a trendy blazer over it, you can look very chic, urban and fashionable. Other than a jacket, you can also go for a pea coat, a nice denim jacket or a military styled jacket.

To complete your dinner attire, touch up your makeup with slightly darker shades of lipstick and eye shadow. You may also play it up with some shine and sheen by dusting on some bronzer and gold eye shadow and a little lip gloss over your lip color. Playing up your work wear and your daytime look by adding little details such as a nice jacket and some accessories can instantly make you look dinner-worthy!

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